Learning Outcomes

A Recreational Pilot Certificate allows graduates to act as Pilot in Command of a Light Sport Aircraft within a 25 nautical mile radius of their departure aerodrome. With further training a cross country endorsement can be obtained which opens new horizons and allows you to fly much further afield.


Flight Training towards your Recreational Pilot Certificate

Between 20-30 hours of flight training is generally required to achieve a Recreational Pilot Certificate. Initially you will learn about the effects of the various aircraft controls, how to fly straight and level, how to climb and descend, how to efficiently turn an aircraft, how to recognize and recover from stalls and other unusual attitudes and then its time to master the fine art of taking off and landing. Once this has been accomplished to a suitable standard its time for your first solo! To achieve your Recreational Pilot Certificate you will need to have at least 5 hours of supervised solo flight and to carry a passenger a total of 10 hours in command is required. During training it is highly recommended to fly at least once a week, although 3-4 times a fortnight encourages better knowledge retention and is therefore more cost effective.

Theory Training towards your Recreational Pilot Certificate

Theory sessions are run on a regular basis by a member of our highly experienced staff with an airline and university lecturing background. In conjunction with this and to develop a well rounded knowledge of aviation we recommend students also undertake self study at home. All RA-Aus theory examinations are conducted and assessed inhouse.

Thing to Note

To receive training in Recreational Aviation registered aircraft students need to be current members of RA-Aus.  www.raa.asn.au/application-for-membership/

To operate an aircraft from Heck Field at Jacobs Well it is a requirement for insurance purposes to be a member of a flying club that operates from the airfield.

*[There is no requirement to obtain an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) to operate aircraft from Heck Field].

*[There is no requirement to obtain a CASA Class 1 medical to pilot RA-Aus registered LSA aircraft].