APA were one of the first flight training organisations in the country to utilise the Aeroprakt Foxbat, a rugged aircraft that’s easy to to handle and equipped with a ballistic parachute recovery system. The Foxbat has amazing short field performance, yet is capable of cruising at 90+ knots.


A22LS Foxbat Data

(at 600 kgs MTOW, ISA standard conditions)

Vne (never exceed speed) 120 kts
Typical cruise TAS 50-100 kts
Stall TAS (landing configuration)  28 kts
Take-off roll under 100 m
Take-off to 50’ 300 m
Landing roll under 100 m
Landing from 50’ 300 m
Novice/expert crosswind limit 11/22 kts
Flap limit speed 83 kts
Manouvering speed 90 kts
MTOW (land plane) 600 kgs
Best climb 1,200 fpm at 57 kts
Typical empty weight 305-310 kgs
Fuel capacity 114 lts (112 lts usable)
Carry including fuel 290-295 kgs
Usable load after full fuel 205-210 kgs
Cruise endurance (912ULS) 5.5 hrs +res
Wing span 9.55 m
Length 6.23 m
Height 2.48 m
Main gear track 1.71 m
Cabin width at elbows 1.29 m
Operational load limits +4 -2 G
Tested at 650 kgs to +6 -3 G